Friday, April 22, 2011

Canadian Election: The Perfect Party

Its time for the 3rd election in a span of 5 years. When there is supposed to be only one every 4 years. You know all the parties platforms. You've heard of the Conservatives, Blocs, Liberals, Green, NDP parties. But have you heard of the ultimate party?
The party that obviously has the best platform? 
The *Ekotastic party!
Us, Neko and Teko have created this party thinking that we us KIDS can think of better ways to change our country than the current parties can.

 Here is what we believe should be done:

-Free University Education for those who get 85% or higher average in required fields of study
-More resources and programs for elementary and secondary schools
-Better Music and Art program
-More Internships (For Experience)
-Individualized learning and teaching program
-Harder levels in elementary ie: Essential, Applied, Academic, this will help kids to get the stylized education they need
-Class trips, and programs learning about other cultures (Food, Clothing, etc.)

Health Care System
-Hospitals should be updated and given better technology regulary 
-Promotion of fitness in Elementary and High School Students

-Hybrids will go down in price
-Gas will be cheaper per litre if you are buying it for a Hybrid
-Promote Public Transit by offering more transportation
-Public Transit prices should decrease in price
-We won't have a Carbon Tax...(Because all that will do is get US money and not actually do anything)
-Promotion of walking, biking and such

Work/Government affairs
-At least 50% of items in stores such as Walmart, have to be made in North America
-More Job 'exploring' in High school
-Broader Country Trading, Especially with Free Trade Countries such as Africa
-Broader country relations
-Recession plan
-Less Credit Card Companies to promote less debt, 
-Lower Gas Prices (once all cars are replaced with Hybrids)

-Local In season food only, No Imported preserved meats or produce
-Tax on Imported food, To Promote local grown food

-Free summer programs run by the community 
-Free Sports programs 
-More YMCA facilities 
-More Community events, (Fairs, Art programs, Libraries, etc.)

-Less Military Funding, Money will be put into Health Care/Research and Education 
-Promotion of Peace instead of War

*Not a real party. Work of fiction

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